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Pastor George A. McKinney has been in the pastoral ministry for over 13 years. He is married to Wendy McKinney and has two sons and a daughter. His wife Wendy is deeply committed to the ministry and together they form a powerful team. Pastor George has a bachelor's degree from California Pacific University in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. He holds a Life and Disability license a Property and Casualty License and series 6 and 63 securities licenses.

He has managed his own Life agency with over 40 agents; he has worked in a managerial capacity in Corporate America. In addition, Pastor George has worked for several years in the banking industry including managing a Credit Union. Pastor George has authored a book entitled "how to improve your credit standing." In terms of ministry he has also completed a year's study at the Haggard School of Theology pursuing a Masters of Divinity. He has temporarily curtailed his pursuit due to his the load that he carries as Executive Pastor of St. Stephen's Cathedral Church. Pastor George prior to serving as Executive Pastor for St. Stephen's Cathedral Church he served as Associate Pastor at Christ Memorial Church with Pastor Andre Crouch. He has also served as Assistant Pastor of the Lively Hope Church of God in Christ a ministry focused on newly released ex-convicts, drug addicts, prostitutes and the homeless it was while serving in this ministry that Pastor George achieved his greatest accomplishments. He believes that it is the believer's responsibility to boldly proclaim the gospel in the uttermost parts of the earth including those areas deemed undesirable. Pastor Georges' vision is to take the gospel of Christ nationally and globally, to focus on unity among the body of Christ in winning the lost. Pastor George also believes that the Body of Christ needs to begin to focus on our health, moreover to begin to address the challenges of obesity, cancer, diabetes and other diseases that are offer caused by weight management problems. Pastor George encourages you to visit his personal site at netcastministries.net for more information on his vision for the Body of Christ.

He believes that by addressing our health challenges we will begin tearing down one of the greatest strongholds that Satan uses to kill of the Saints. He believes that far too many of us are dying from health related diseases that cut our lives short and keep us from completing our true missions in the Body of Christ. He envisions national Christian Heath Clubs and national symposiums on health, Christian health restaurants and other alternatives to what the world has to offer in these areas. Finally, also would like to write books on the how to's of Christian Living and to produce a movie on the Apostle Paul. Finally, Pastor Georges' mentor is his father Bishop George Dallas McKinney whom he feels is the greatest preacher on the planet; however, he admits that he may be prejudiced. He attributes his upbringing as a P.K. where his mother the late Dr. Jean C. McKinney stressed having a right relationship with Christ, and admits that he was fortunate to have parents who lived the gospel that they talked about. To sum it up, Pastor George considers himself a soldier in the army of the Lord whose assignment is to take back what Satan has stolen through faith and commitment to the building of God's kingdom on earth.



St. Stephen's Cathedral Church Of God In Christ
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