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"I Will Build My Church"
"I Will Build My Church" is a review of the wonderful grace of God, experienced during the first ten years of the founding of St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ. The church was planted in the inner city of San Diego at a time when the Civil Rights movement was at its peak and there was a widespread economic and social upheaval. A small band of believers were inspired to proclaim God’s message of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption in a community that was torn by racial and economic strife. The church from the very beginning sought to fulfill God’s mandate to be salt and light. This is a story of the struggles, triumphs and tragedies which are common experiences of those in urban ministry in America.

"Deepening Life Together – Praying God's Way Series" Praying Study Guide

"Deepening Life Together – Praying God's Way Series" Praying DVD

"Deepening Life Together – Praying God's Way Series" Packaged for leaders with a 25% savings, leaders can purchase this kit to preview the program and plan for the group experience. Kit includes: – DVD with 7 Video Sessions – Bible Study / Group Discussion Guide – Leader tips and training

"Deepening Life Together – Praying God's Way Series" Praying Group Kit

"Deepening Life Together – Praying God's Way Series" This kit was designed for churches and group ministries and includes a DVD, Bible Study Book, and a Resource CD. Everything a church needs to review the product for use in Sunday School or Small Group Ministry. Resource CD includes Sermon Starter Outlines, Planning Resources and "How To" guides, along with other useful resources.

"Deepening Life Together – Praying God's Way Series" 10 Study Guides (packaged with 30% savings)


"On This Rock " – St. Stephen's Cathedral Choir…

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"THE NEW SLAVEMASTERS" – In The New Slavemasters, Bishop McKinney asks the question: Are we really free at last? In his 224-page response, the "new slavemasters" become a powerful metaphor for the contemporary African-American struggle, as well as seemingly insurmountable cycles of destructive behavior that have enslaved people of all walks. The new slavemasters are drugs, materialism, racism, teen pregnancy, rage, gangs, pornography, instant gratification, and sexual promiscuity, among others.

"LET THE CHURCH BE THE CHURCH" – This book is inspired from a series of sermons delivered by Bishop McKinney. This writing was motivated by his deep love and concern for the sleeping giant of the world, God's church at large.The Church can be the Church as we allow our minds to be renewed and as we conform not to the image of this world, but surrender our wills and our resources to the only Sovereign God.



"CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE" – This book is a brief desciption of the Biblical meaning of marriage. The book provides an overview of marriage as a covenant relationshop between man, woman and God. Futher, the book is designed to provide basic information regarding Biblical principals that will strengthen the marriage bond. The inspiration for Bishop McKinney to write this book came from years of experiences as a licensed marriage and family counselor.


"FOR THOSE WHO WONDER" – This book was written as an informational guide to assist those who wonder about the Jehovah Witness faith and are searching for a better understanding of the differences between Christian Gospel and heretical teachings of the Jehovah Witnesses. They are perhaps one of the more serious organized religious threaths to the individual Christian, because of the apparent dedication and the claim to Christian orthodoxy.


"THE JEHOVAH WITNESSES" – The Jehovah Witnesses have attracted much attention in recent years. Bishop McKinney's interest in the Movement has been awakened primarily because of certain of their doctrinal interpretations and emphasis, and because of its present phenomenal growth. Many observers of the Jehovah Witnesses have concluded that it is a "Christian deviation" in that its system of doctrine imitates, and at the same time distorts, the essential Christian beliefs.


"CROSS THE LINE" – In the Bible, the prophet Jonah turned his back on the city of Ninevah. In this book, Bishop McKinney compares the inner city with Ninevah and challenges the modern day Jonahs to turn their time and talents toward the troubles inner city. With three decades of ministry in San Diego, McKinney presents church leaders and lay people with illustrations of how God is blessing the inner city. Cross the Line will show you how to safely and effectively cross racial lines and social lines to minister and learn from real people in the city.


"REJOICE!" – This book has been especially prepared to bring a special point of meditation to you daily even if you are single and conduct your devotions individually, but I strongly recommend that couples or families use it together on a daily basis, reinforcing its scriptural insights with additional Bible study and prayer…and of course, not neglecting regular and faithful attendance at the House of God.


This collection of sermons entitled "Mark Accentuated" is drawn from a series of sermons on the Gospel of Mark, preached over a period of two years. As the author, I humbly present these messages with he prayer that you will be inspired and encouraged to believe the God Power, portrayed by Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. -Bishop George Dallas McKinney "Mark Accentuated is a profound view of the "Action Gospel through the perspective of the Minister as well as the lay person. This engaging presentation of the Gospel focuses on the works and ministry of Jesus Christ in action. His compassion and willingness to heal, liberate, restore, redeem, renew and revive brings us closer to the heart of the savior by emphasizing how intensely he loves to minister to us. A truly invoking work and provocative piece of literature, designed to be lived as well as studied." -Bishop Charles E. Blake




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